Premium Quality

Our cedar paper, cedar planks, and cedar skewers are made from premium quality Western red cedar wood from the Pacific Northwest.   For our cedar paper wraps, each premium cedar paper sheet measures  8″ x 7.25″  and our engineers have optimized the thickness to eliminate breakage and tears while maintaining pliability.  We’ve also strategically aligned the […]

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Operation FEED

CedarHouse donates 5.3% of its profits from its signature seasoning products to fight world hunger.  For this year 2012, we will be donating proceeds to UNICEF and buying “Ready to Eat Therapeutic Food” which has revolutionized the treatment of acute malnutrition. The spread is a peanut-based paste specially formulated to provide key micronutrients, vitamins and […]

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FAQs & Answers

Q:  Can I soak the cedar paper in fruit juice or wine? A:  Yes…fruit juice (100% apple juice is really good) and wine provide additional flavor enhancement to the authentic smoked infusion. For those who are daring and want a little kick…try a good brand of Bourbon. ———————————————- Q:  How many times can you use […]

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CedarHouse Professional Grilling

BBQ is diverse and as personal as you want it to be. So... cooking seafood or meats should be just as diverse and personal. What actually is cedar paper that we use for grilling? Simply, a very quick and easy way to enjoy an amazing cedar flavor infused into your foods is to use thin paper sheets of cedar and wrap your foods with the cedar paper sheets or veneers. This is a really fast way to get the cedar flavor without grilling on planks or smoking with traditional cedar chips.

How do they make cedar paper? Cedar paper is basically a shaving from a big plank to produce super thin veneers...we're down to 1/10th of an inch. It's almost the thickness of a standard sheet of 8.5"x11" sheet of regular white paper. You soak the cedar paper wraps in water just as you would grilling planks or smoking chips so that you produce a smoking environment as the cedar paper drys and burns a bit.

Wrapping your food in a cylinder style fashion keeps the moisture in so your food doesn't dry out. As the food cooks on the grill, the cedar paper starts to dry out and smoke to impart a wonderful aromatic and sweet smoky flavor into the food. Cedar paper is readily available, and the result will have your friends thinking that you spent twice the time on the grill.

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